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"Jacob Flores is an impassioned Mariachi Soul singer-a 24 year-old Marvin Gaye slash Feliciano.  His debut album, produced by he and Patrick Conway here at Blue Rock, merges so much of what we love:  tradition, invention, and songs from courageous living.  This artist is one to watch." -  Billy Crockett, Blue Rock Studios

"Jacob is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter and our players on the record were amazing too. If you can imagine very contemporary mariachi music mixed with classic soul and R&B on a record in 1/2 Spanish and 1/2 English with heartfelt lyrics and musical depth, this record has all of that... and it GROOVES like a Marvin Gaye or Sam Cook record too! Please check it out." -
Producer, Patrick Conway
Jacob Flores is a 27 year old singer/songwriter. He was born in Lubbock, Texas, and raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas, since the age of 10. Flores' music features live looping and an eclectic repertoire of both Latin-American and American styles. His debut album, No Borders, was recorded out of Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Recording Studio. Flores’ music blends traditional Mexican folk music with classic American soul and R&B. Through musical depth and heartfelt lyrics in Spanish and English, No Borders merges tradition, invention, and stories from courageous living.

Flores graduated in 2009 from former President Bill Clinton's alma mater, Hot Springs High School. He first broke into the music scene while attending Henderson State University, where he entered the school's singing competition, "Henderson Idol," and went on to be crowned "2013 Henderson Idol." Since then, Flores has been invited to perform at events such as the Hot Water Hills Music Festival, the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, the Miss Arkansas Pageant, Hot Springs Jazz Society's “Vocal-Rama”, and the annual Hispanic Heritage Festivals at Magic Springs’ Timberwood  Amphitheater, where he performed as the opening act  for internationally-recognized recording artists La Sonora Dinamita and Los Traileros del Norte. He was most recently invited to perform at the 381st National Guard Birthday Gala in Washington, D.C., as well as to perform with award-winning singer/songwriter Woody Russell at the famous Skylark Lounge, one of Austin, Texas’ best live music venues. Flores has also been featured in articles by the Sentinel-Record, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Hot Springs Hot Spots magazine, and Hot Springs On the Go magazine. Flores has auditioned/advanced through preliminary rounds of NBC's "The Voice," and has been featured on Fox network’s “American Idol: Season 14.” When not touring, Flores performs weekly in many live music venues across Arkansas. He currently resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and is working on his follow-up album to
No Borders.
Mariachi is a form of folk music from Mexico with an incredibly rich history. The music has always and will always be a part of who I am. I remember at a young age sitting next to my brother, Joshua, and my sister, Felicia, at a family get together. My grandpa was singing out proudly with my grandma's accompaniment soon to follow. While singing and smiling, they would both glance over their shoulder to see their son, my father, singing and playing his trumpet next to his brothers and sisters who were also singing and playing various instruments. My dad would smile over at us kids. And there I sat, watching...listening...appreciating, not knowing then that I would become the third generation of Mariachi Flores.
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